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Relationships & Sexual Health

Respect This: Safer Saner Sex in College

2014 NGLA Showcase Speaker

In this informative and hilarious program, Cindy uses anecdotes and her social research to demystify sex, relationships, and the hookup scene. With unfiltered honesty, she addresses how media and porn culture skew sexual expectations for men and women. Cindy’s stories encourage students to look more closely at the role of alcohol in decision-making and how excessive drinking actually undermines the development of social and sexual health.
Cindy will help students put sex in a healthy context for those who want to make it a safe priority without letting it sabotage their emotional well-being. Students will walk away with safer and more realistic expectations about sex and relationships.

Cindy’s programs can be customized for all-male, all-female, or mixed-gender groups and can include customization on the following topics:

  • How media, internet, and culture are causing both men and women to feel sexually inadequate
  • Tuning into your Inner Compass
  • Finding a balance between connecting through technology and connecting in person
  • Enlisting and maintaining a Healthy Crew of friends and role models
    to help navigate adulthood
  • The impact of porn and gaming on the sexual expectations of men and women
  • The contributing factors that normalize getting drunk and hooking up

The language in this keynote (or workshop) is frank and unfiltered. Although we wish everyone would listen to Cindy and take her lessons to heart, we don’t recommend this program for mandatory events or for audiences where people under 17 are present. A standard program is 60 minutes + Q&A, but can be customized to a time range of 45 – 90 minutes + Q&A.

A Note from the Speaker:
A big part of my message is the power of a healthy crew — trusted role models, siblings and friends with whom we can ask anything and get reliable information. Not enough young people have that. My honest, open approach, combined with my absolute comfort with myself, is both disarming and inspiring for audience members. I create a safe environment where students can ask the most frank questions without feeling stupid or judged. I'm about lifting the weight of embarrassment off people's shoulders. By sharing facts and anecdotes, I dispel myths that have been passed along and reinforced through generations.

More about Cindy Pierce
Cindy Pierce is a comic storyteller and an educator. She has been performing her one-woman show and providing educational programs since 2004. Combining humor and research, she enlightens people about the choices and obstacles impacting healthy sexual relationships. Cindy is the co-author of Finding the Doorbell: Sexual Satisfaction for the Long Haul. When Cindy is not speaking, she and her husband Bruce run Pierce's Inn in Etna, NH and enjoy life with three amazing kids.

  • 2012 Vagina Warrior Award – Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  • Featured Speaker, AFLV-West, 2011 – Costa Mesa, CA
  • Co-author of Finding the Doorbell; Sexual Satisfaction for the Long Haul (Nomad Press– February, 2008)
  • Cindy Pierce: The Last Laugh, New England Cable News Documentary, 2007
  • Honored as one of New Hampshire Magazine Remarkable Women of the Arts, May, 2007



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