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[OCT 16] Southern Utah University

Dr. Corvino delivered in a huge way. It was perfect. Could not have gone better.

Kristopher Phillips Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Southern Utah University

[MAY 2014] Providence College

John's lecture was fantastic. The turnout was amazing--by my estimate at least 400 people (and standing room only, to boot). My senior colleagues who have been at PC for 20 years or more tell me that it was the best-attended academic event they have seen at the college. And John's talk was exactly what I expected it to be: clear, tightly argued, and entertaining. I have received a ton of feedback from students, faculty, and staff. All of it has been extremely positive. I assure you that I have nothing negative to say about the event…I would love to bring John back at some point in the future.

Christopher Arroyo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Providence College

[MAY 2011] University of Pennsylvania

    Hi, Joseph,

    I highly recommend your bringing Dr. Corvino to your campus! Our event was a co-sponsored event between Lambda Law and Queer Christian Fellowship. The purpose our event was to bring groups together that don't typically interact (queers & Christians; grad students and undergrads) to discuss the issue of morality and homosexuality. We found the point of Dr. Corvino's talk to be perfectly aligned with those goals. Not only was his talk intellectually stimulating (and entertaining!), but he left us feeling challenged to engage in constructive dialogue with each other and those outside of the event.

    Dr. Corvino was great to work with--he was prepared, lighthearted, and reasonable. We had some technical difficulties and he was extremely patient and kind about those. He also stuck around after the event to talk with folks one-on-one. His agents were also very helpful and responsive.

    Please let me know if you'd like any further information. I hope you all can bring him!


    Dwayne Bensing
    University of Pennsylvania

[NOV 2009] Miami University

[OCT 2008] Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center

    October 2008

    Hi Gina-

    Everything went really well. The turnout exceeded our expectations...we filled the auditorium and even had some folks standing in the back. Everyone really enjoyed the lecture and John had a hard time getting out of there due to so many questions. Thanks so much, it was a great, enlightening event!

    Alison Strasser
    Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

[OCT 2008] Siena Heights University

    October 2008


    Things went really well. I don't have an exact number, but I would estimate about 100- 150 people showed. That's a lot for Siena. We are so small we normally don't get big turn outs. Everyone had really positive things to say. The people who didn't go were sad they missed it after they heard everyone talking about it. Overall, it was awesome. It started conversations that needed to be had and brought awareness to our homophobia problem on campus. So thanks so much! It was funny, insightful, and entertaining!

    Siena Heights University

[APR 2008] St Ambrose University

[APR 2008] Texas A&M University

[FEB 2008] Saint Louis Community College - Meramec

    February 2008


    I couldn’t be more pleased. I had a student come up to me and tell me they heard a great speaker that day and they were very excited about his program. He went on and on about the speaker until I finally told him I was standing in the back of the theater during the presentation and heard the same lecture. This story could be repeated many times over. A large number of students actually commented that they loved the lecture. We usually get shrugged shoulders or yeah it was okay when we ask students how they felt about a lecture, but everyone has been raving about the program on Thursday. So, am I pleased? Yes! John did great. He was easy to work with and the committee couldn’t be more pleased. Score one for the good guys!

    Steve Brady/Manager
    Campus Life Office
    SLCC at Meramec

[OCT 2007] Sam Houston State University


    Everything went very well! The turnout for Dr. Corvino’s program was great and numerous faculty, staff members, and students have expressed to me their gratitude for bringing such an excellent presentation to our campus.

    Thank you for representing wonderful speakers such as Dr. Corvino. I look forward to working with you in the future!


    Ashley McDonough
    Program Coordinator
    Multicultural & International
    Student Services
    Sam Houston State University

[APR 2007] Morehead State University

[MAR 2007] Fox Valley Technical College

    From: Brown, Rayon D
    Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 11:15 AM
    Subject: Dr. John Corvino's Feedback

    Dr. Corvino's Lecture was a major success; there were over 100 people in attendance. Here are some comments from the audience:

    1 It was awesome, liked it!
    2 Excellent presentation!
    3 It was great!

    This lecture was very educational and entertaining, Dr. Corvino has a magical way of making a sensitive topic appeal to a diverse group.

    Rayon Brown
    Student Life Recreation Assistant
    Fox Valley Technical College

[FEB 2007] Otterbein College

    From: Ashworth, Suzanne M
    Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 12:50 PM
    To: gina@kirklandproductions.com
    Subject: corvino's otterbein visit

    Hi Gina,

    Just wanted to let you know that John got rave reviews here at Otterbein. He was nothing short of wonderful -- at both the teaching circle and the talk. Smart, accessible, approachable, thoughtful. He delivered on all our hopes for the day. In fact, we're talking about bringing him back -- with Glen Stanton -- to stage the same-sex marraige debate. How much do the honorariums run for that program?

    Asst Professor
    English Dept
    Otterbein College

[OCT 2006] Drake University

    Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006
    From: Stephanie Garinger
    Subject: Thank You
    To: John Corvino

    I actually just left your speech at Drake University and would like to thank you for coming. I was disappointed at the turn out, but I think that the entire audience who did come was very glad that they did. Speech topic aside; I think if we had more people come to campus who were as engaging, funny, and easy to listen to, more students would attend similar events. Even if you hadn't given your speech in such an effective manner, what you said was great. Walking back to my dorm my overall feeling was that finally someone had summed up the exasperation and disagreement I experience when such arguments are brought up, and better yet summed it up very convincingly and eloquently. I wish you luck on your other speeches in Iowa, and thank you again for coming.

    Stephanie Garinger

[SEP 2006] Indiana University

[OCT 2005] Grand Valley State University

    Grand Valley State University - October 2005

    October 12, 2005 - E-mail from Dan Ruble - student at Grand Valley State University


    Hi, my name is Dan and I am a student at Grand Valley State University where you recently gave your very popular lecture. I'll be honest, I attended the lecture because I was forced to do so for one of my classes. I am also a straight male and even though I have no problem with homosexuality, the thought of listening to a lecture about homosexuality did not interest me. However, after listening to what you had to say, especially when you went into detail about the four main arguments over homosexuality I was enlightened to a whole new level. I suddenly felt that it was very important to get to know other homosexuals and listen to their opinions on other issues. I have homosexual friends but I don't really try to relate to them all that much. However you have shown to me the importance of what listening to them can really do for me. It can open up my mind to a new way of thinking about not just homosexuality but also other issues around the world. I hope this doesn't come across as a corny or sappy e-mail because I was truly blessed by the Lord for having the opportunity to hear your lecture last night and what you had to say about homosexuality. Basically I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by GVSU and presenting us with your lecture!!!


    Dan Ruble (GVSU freshman!!!)

[JUN 2005] National Institutes of Health

    June 20, 2005

    Hello Gina,

    Dr. John Corvino captivated the NIH with his lecture: “Born or Made: What’s the difference”. For the first time in the history of Salutaris, we had to turn people away from our Noons-In-June event due to over-crowding. Many people demanded that his presentation be web cast, for they complained that they don’t want to miss it.

    Dr. Corvino’s topic struck a cord with many researchers here at the NIH. So much so that Scientists e-mailed us enthusiastically about his presentation weeks before the event and continue to inquire on how to contact him. “It was like they were coming out of the woodwork” indicated Rob DeBellis, Chair of Salutaris.

    Below are a few of the comments we have received.

    “Thank you … for organizing such a high-caliber, succinct, yet thorough, presentation. Dr. John Corvino's presentation was an intellectual "breath of fresh air" that I feel is in far too short supply in our society. Again, thank you very much.”

    “Last Friday I tried to attend this event, but was told that there were no more seats”

    “This event was excellent! Will there be anymore like it this month?”

[MAY 2005] American Association for Affirmative Action

[MAY 2005] Texas A&M University

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    When I first met John at OutTexas, I was a bit afraid. I thought, “Ahhhh, heck…..what is this going to be about – homosexuality/morality, I didn’t come here to be preached at today.” Then, he began to speak in his keynote address. He spoke from a place I was familiar with – people taking responsibility for themselves and having honest dialogue with those around them.”

    John Corvino lays out the groundwork of the debate on homosexuality in a straightforward and logical manner so that both sides can honestly look at the issues. He does this with a sense of humour that puts you at ease, and makes you smile while you think about what he is saying.

    On March 31st, 2005 John debated Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family fame at Texas A&M University. For once, this campus was able to truly embrace diversity by bringing both polarized sides into one room to have an honest discussion on the issue of marriage equity. Glenn made me think of things that had nagged at the back of my mind, John – in usual form- met each point in a fair and truthful approach to what the real, underlying issues were. Both of them have made me proud to be a leader in the gay rights movement.

    “I laughed, I pondered, and my heart went out to both of these men who are passionate about what they do and approach it from a platform of self and mutual respect.”

    Katy Dawn Stewart
    Bryan, TX

[MAY 2005] Southern Methodist University

    Hi Gina,

    I first learned of Dr. John Corvino when a graduate student who I had never met before came to my office and told me the story of how John changed his life. Apparently, this student had been struggling with his sexual identity when he happened upon a video of John's lecture "What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?". Missing the question mark at the end of the title, the student expected to become convinced that his "lifestyle" was inherently depraved and find a way to change. Instead, he encountered John's logical, empirically sound, and even humorous debunking of the most common arguments against homosexuality. From that moment on, the student felt free to live his life as a gay man without the shame that had hindered him previously.

    After hearing this student's story, I strongly urged the lgbt student group to bring John to campus. In the words of the Spectrum president, John is the best speaker this organization has ever sponsored in its ten years of existence. John translates his deep understanding of the complex moral debate surrounding homosexuality into a lively, thought-provoking, and penetrating presentation. Even our most skeptical Ethics students seemed to warm to his presence and felt comfortable engaging him in conversation about these sensitive issues. I have no doubt that he has changed the lives of my students by not just reassuring them, but by helping them to critically analyze popular rhetoric so that they might conclude for themselves that advancing lgbt rights is a cricitical piece of the larger struggle for human rights. As is evident, I believe John is an exemplary speaker and I highly recommend him to any other university.

    Courtney Aberle
    Southern Methodist University

[MAY 2005] Texas State University

    Dr. Corvino has had a powerful impact on the Texas State campus. His presentation on "The Morality of Homosexuality" had the house packed and generated an honest, lively, sometimes heated discussion on the relevant issues related to this topic. In a political atmosphere in Texas that often stifles the kind of open discussion and debate that is the core to the educational process, Dr. Corvino hit the mark right on. Dr. Corvino also was invited back as the key note speaker to our "Out Texas Collegiate Conference" in which students from around the state came together to discuss the issues related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered campus community. He was outstanding and received rave reviews from our student participants. Dr. Corvino has the gift of taking a very hot topic and discussing it in a logical, matter of fact format that allows open conversation from all sides of the issue.

    Take care!
    Lisa Hellmer
    Texas State University

[APR 2005] Central Michigan University

    April 18, 2005

    Dear John,

    I am home from a wonderfully exhausting conference, and I am attempting to catch up on a week's worth of email and phone calls.

    I too very much enjoyed your visit, and I appreciated your willingness to talk to both the CUPA and campus during our Pride Week. Your presentation was by far the highlight of the week. One of the professors shared a paper that her student had written after attending your presentation (no name was attached). I had our student assistant retype it, and it is attached. I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of the impact you have had.

    I look forward to our paths crossing again. In the meantime, take care.

    Jon Humiston
    Assistant Affirmative Action Officer
    Central Michigan University

[JAN 2005] Delta College

    January 31, 2005

    Hi, John:

    Forgive me for not sending you a more prompt thank you. I just returned from a four day conference in DC.

    It is I who should be thanking you for the honor of your visit. I am so very grateful for your speaking to my class. I thought it was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You were truly amazing! I thought you were charming, intelligent, funny and very compelling. My only regret is that it ended so soon. You are certainly welcome to speak to my class any time you wish. You will be very welcome. I know my students appreciated it as well.

    Let's keep in touch..


    Professor Thomas Boudrot
    Delta College

[DEC 2004] Accenture Consulting

    December 17, 2004

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to let you know that we got nothing but positive feedback from your presentation. Several people mentioned that you were an excellent speaker and they appreciated your sense of humor. The office managing partner (in charge of the whole Detroit office, about 500 people) was at the meeting and applauded us for including the topic on the agenda….

    Thanks again for your talk at our meeting. If I hear of any other opportunities for similar presentations, I will let you know.


    Stephanie Augustyniak
    Senior Manager, Accenture Consulting

[OCT 2004] University of Missouri, Columbia

    October 18, 2004

    Below is the summary of an outstanding program that we just had on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus for Coming Out Week. I highly recommend it for any campus that is interested in doing some programming on sexual orientation…

    Professor Corvino’s presentation “What’s Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?” is highly entertaining and very substantive (unfortunately too rare a combination) – reviews from the students at the program were highly favorable, with those priceless comments such as “My brain really hurts from thinking so hard, but man was that fun”.

    The presentation is an ideal method for connecting campus programming with classroom experience. We especially appreciated Prof. Corvino’s genuine concern for student learning as he stayed for a long time after the presentation to talk with individual students and answer questions. I have seen this presentation on two campuses and he also has a gift for taking the pulse of the crowd (supportive, tolerant, intolerant) and meeting students on their levels. The presentation was also a great value in terms of quality for cost.

    Please contact me if you have any questions and please feel free to forward on this recommendation. Prof. Corvino’s bio and contact information is below…

    Best Wishes,

    Adam Brigham
    LGBT Resource Center
    University of Missouri – Columbia

Quotes from Past Performances

[SEPT 2014] “Dr. John Corvino’s presentation was an absolute success. Our audience loved it, from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to the faculty to the students to people within our city and beyond. John was personable, gracious, thoughtful, profound, humble, accessible, and very funny. Peppering his presentation with interesting, relevant, and illustrative anecdotes, he discussed a socially controversial subject with humor and generosity. As a philosopher myself, I’m pleased he really gave academic philosophy a good name. Thank you so much for sending John to us. I would love to recommend him to any lecture coordinator.” – Dr. Minh Nguyen, Professor of Philosophy, Associate Director of the Honors Program, & Coordinator of the Chautauqua Lecture Series, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

"Dr. Corvino was very professional and entertaining. The event was a great success and I am happy we brought him to our campus."
Aramis Douglas, Graduate Assistant, University of Arkansas


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